PUNK HAIRSTYLES: Your complete guide to punk hair styles for both girls and guys

Punk Hairstyle Punk subculture is what most of the punk fashions and punk hairstyles
depend on. It deals with the styles of clothing, cosmetics, hairstyles, body modifications and even jewelry. There are wide ranges of fashions which are present from the Vivienne Westwood styles to the styles and those modeled on different bands like The Exploited. The punk fashion is also influenced from various other cultures and art movements like the skinheads, rudeboys, glam rock, greasers, art school students and moods. Apart from those they are also influenced from other popular cultures too.

There are different types of quirky styles in punk and it could be adopted by anyone who would love to get noticed in the society. There are different types of punk hairstyles and all these are maintained by different aspects such as colour, style, cut etc.

  1. Colour is the most important factor and it is known to be the most popular factor determining the exact punk look. All punk hairstyles would surely have at least minimal hair colours or combinations. These colours would be vibrant, bright and fast colours that would make others have a look at the hair. The more common colours are orange, blue, purple, pink, green and many others. Usually all these colours are in the neon shades which are attractive. Colour plays a major role as it would be applied to just one section or into the entire hairstyle. Both would lead to a splendid style. While highlighting the most focused areas are tips of strands, strands or specific hair parts which would be styled greatly such as the bangs or the crown. Radical hair colouring is the chosen one for punk hairstyle. One example is platinum blonde tips on black hair so that the tips are highlighted giving a freak look. People are sure to notice such a hairstyle.
  2. Cut is yet another factor that would determine the hairstyle to be punk. There are different cuts which are dominated by the punk hairstyle. One such style is the long shaggy look on top with buzz cut on the lower half of the head which is highly in relation to the punk dos. Another famous punk hair cut is the irregular, asymmetrical cuts such as long hair on one side and shorter on the other side. Another very common look is to shave designs or patterns on the back of the head which usually relates to different ongoing messages. It is common among the teenagers and is also used while protests.
  3. Style is yet another feature which highly dominates the punk hairstyle. One of the most common examples is the Mohawk hairstyle. It is the style which has hair vertical from the top of the head to the back in the center. The more precise on is having shaved hair on the sides with just this vertical hair line in the middle. Another related punk hairstyle is the fly away look, where the hair seems to be not at all styled instead it is let loose. This hairstyle is preferred by the rock stars usually. There are certain other styles which are considered to be patented by different personalities. For the creation of punk hair style, different accessories such as spikes, loops, parts, braids etc could be used. With these the hairstyle would even better and simply fantastic. It has to be understood that one can create punk hair style with your own imagination and creation and would simply look awful.

The most important thing that comes to mind while thinking of punk hairstyle is the weirdness and the multiple colours. Another important thing that is thought of about the punk hairstyle is the Mohawk hairstyle which is the hairstyle that persists for more than twenty years. It was more intense in the past rather than the much calmer style of today.

Punk HairstyleThe major ones that would probably help in understanding and identifying the punk styles are the various characteristics such as the startling cuts, wild colours and even the funky hair styles. Each and every unique style cannot be classified as punk, all these would make you understand about the different types of look creating a vibrant and unique style. The real fashion of punk is determined to look shocking, confrontational and also rebellious as possible. There are many items which were considered to be the most important one but as the time passed by it became less important. With this eruption, more and more images were added onto it.




The most important thing that has to be conveyed about punk is that it is the only hairstyle that has remained to be the perfect one since years. There are lot of confusions remaining in case of the punk hairstyle about its creation, origin and lot more. But the person who uses the punk hairstyle is refered to as “punk”.

The unique thing about punk hairstyle is that the changes are not much with just a little change here and there. It is referred to as the 70’s punk, 80’s punk, 90’s punk and lot more. The real style emerged in the 70’s and it referred to the spiked or coloured hair. By the 80’s, rebellion became significant and something which was not supposed to be the same earlier. But it became even more wide spread with the emergence of MTV.

The 80’s punk hairstyle included the spikes, coloured hair, Mohawk and many more. The Mohawk hairstyle was defined by Merriam-Webster as “the hairstyle with a narrow center strip of upright hair and the sides shaved.”
Punk History
Another fashion during the 80’s was the punk hairstyle with tattoos on the shaved portion. It looked weird to some people to some others it was simply amazing and this was the youngsters. The punk hairstyle has its own real world and recognition in the universe. It is simply a past time for the younger generation to make them more attractive and today’s youth. A real imagination and recognition shoots into everyone’s mind if they hear the word punk and it is something that would remain the same for years to come.

The real wearers of the punk fashion are the teenagers as they were the ones who accepted this style as part of the latest trend and to express their individuality and the rebellion against the conformist society. Even now it is famous and very much alive among the musicians and the younger generation who would like to make themselves stand away from the normal life of the people. They usually adopt this kind so that they are looked by others and everyone would love to have a glance at this weird style. It has become a fashion statement right now as more and more people are into this hair keeping.


Mohawk or the Mohican are known to be the hairstyle which is a variation of the punk culture. It mainly resembles the shaving of both sides of the head which leaves back a strip of the noticeable hair which is longer. It was adopted from the punk subculture by the year 1970. The punk subculture is known to be associated with them largely and they are also influenced from other cultures also.

In the recent times, the style is regarded to be entirely different from the olden days as the hair is shaved from both the sides and the remaining hair is kept long and is also spiked up. For some people it looks weird whereas for some it looks simply awful. In relating to the punk hairstyle, this hairstyle is completely dyed with brilliant colours and the center part is considered to be spiked so that it remains upwards. This style is known to be the charged style recently as it is nicknamed so. Mohawk style is also referred to as something relate to the Goth subculture which is also a descendant of punk which leaves the remaining hair spiked.

Varieties of Mohawk hairstyle

Liberty SpikesLiberty spikes: The spikes are called so because the creativity that is indulged resemble very well to the spikes which is present on the crown of Statue of Liberty.





Dread Hawk

Dread hawk: In this style the hair is dreadlocked instead of spiking it upwards. Another use of this hair style is that it could be worn as liberty spikes also. Apart from all these it could be braided, tied, pleated or even pulled back.





Fanned Hairstyle

Fanned: As the name suggests, the resemblance of this hairstyle would be to a fan. The hair which is unshaven is made to stand upwards in the shape of a fan. It extends from the front hairline to the nape. This is known to be the popular Mohawk hairstyle and the reason is that it is very easy to mend it.

Slant hawk: This kind of style is adopted by the Canadian as well as the R&B artist Shawn Desman. It is considered to be the diagonal style where it is known to cross from one side of the neck to another side which is the opposite one of the brow.

Chelsea-Hawk: It is regarded as the female version of Mohawk but here the fringe is left on the front of the face. It is taken from the Chelsea hairstyle.

270 Degree Hawk

  1. 270 degree Hawk: It extends from the back of the neck to the forehead which is straight out. The name implies that it has it has a 270 degree angle to it.





Beaver Hairstyle

Beaver: In this side, the sides are skinned down and has short thick strip of hair which is left in the middle. It is usually preferred by people involved in athletes.





Hawk HairstyleBi-hawk & Tri-hawk: It differs from the traditional Mohawk as it has two or three center strips whereas the traditional ones have just a single strand of hair. It also has middle portion which is shaved.



Reverse HawkReverse Mohawk: As the name suggests it is the reverse style of Mohawk. It leaves shaved line extending from the forehead to the nape of the neck which also allows hair to stand on either side.

Side hawk: It is an entirely different form where the back of the head is shaved and the long hair strip is extended horizontally from one ear to another instead of the usual vertical position of forehead to nape. It really gives out a peacock effect as the hair would be spiked upwards.

Blow hawk: The importance of this hairstyle lies in the fact that the spikes are blown upwards. It is regarded to be modifications of the Mohawk hairstyles. For this the hair is spiked upwards and as the name suggests it is blow dried to attain a slight dampness. This gives the top quality which looks like plastic. The next step is bending the spikes backwards to the rear end.

Cross hawk: It is known to be a blend of traditional fanned Mohawk and the fanned side hawk. Both these forms a cross in the weaver’s head. There are many variations of this type seen and these are known to be the H hawks as the bihawk is crossed by the H shape. Another variation is the A hawk bihawk has connects in the back and side hawk so that it forms A shape.

Hawk HairstyleDeath hawks: It is usually preferred in a loser fashion and is known to be much wider than average. The difference is that it is backcombed but does not form any spikes or stiff fans. Long loose dendrils are characteristic of this hairstyle and is related to the Goths and death rockers. Another name given to this hairstyle is known to be Goth hawk.

Mollet: A Mohawk which is worn in the front and a mullet that branches out in the back is known to be a mollet. Maynard James Keenan of Tool is known to be the only person who has achieved this hairstyle.

Mini-Mo: A Mohawk style which does not extend from the back of the neck to the forehead is known to be Mini-Mo. Another name given is portmanteau of miniature and Mohawk. Into the middle of the head is the resting place of this hairstyle.

Glow hawk: It is a variation of Mohawk tried by many these days. It is brightly dyes form and the colours differ largely too.

Some of the Mohawk wearers who are notable are the Wattie Buchan, Mr. T, Robert De Niro, Sascha Konietzko, Tim Armstrong and many others too.


Punk Hairstyle
This kind of hairstyle is known to be a traditional variety which has been flourished about twenty years back and is called as the punk hairstyle. It was more prevalent in the seventies and as the time changed the styles also have transformed from freaky ones to calmer style. Punk hairstyle tells out many things and is present in vibrant colours which make them look unique and attractive too. One among the punk hairstyle is the Mohawk hairstyle which many of them prefer to choose. There several variants of this hairstyle too. For many of them who look at the hairstyle, they seem not to accept this one as they tell it looks really weird. But there are some of them who enjoy gazing at this hairstyle.

If you look around for the example of punk hairstyle, there is none other stop than Kelly Osborne’s popular hairstyle. It would be difficult for the ordinary people to have the punk hairstyle as they might be peeped at among the crowd, but in case of the celebrities and fashion people, this is the latest trend which makes them noticeable and famous too. It is not the desired choice for everyone as it has to be looked into the different aspects before acquiring one. These types are very fluffy and sometimes look weird with vibrant colours too.
Punk Hair Style

There are different varieties of punk hairstyles such as the Indie hairstyles and the Emo hairstyles which relate to the music performers who look similar to punk. Not all hairstyles are referred to as the punk hairstyle. It could be defined as the eccentric or natural hairstyle which seems to be odd or funny are known to be the punk hairstyle.

There are different types of punk hairstyles. Some of them are:

Original Punk hairstyle: It is the traditional method of no variation in the style, gel is applied to make the spikes. It is possible to dye the hair either in shades of purple or in pink colours. This kind of fashion was more prominent in the 1980s.

Skate Punk hairstyle: It is the hairstyle by famous Kelly Osborne.  Such hairstyles have the hair cut in asymmetrical lengths and spikes are fashioned with the help of gel. While making up this hairstyle, more focus is given to the ends which are made to look tiny, cute and spunky. The ends are made to look brilliant with the neon colours so that it focuses largely on the extra hairs. It resembles the Emo hairstyle. Another characteristic of this style is extreme blond dyeing.

Death or Horror Punk hairstyle: The look is very similar to the Gothic looks. The first thing is that the dying of hair in either black or blue-black in colour. It is only after this the spikes are made which resemble that of the Mohawk type. Finally it results in the horn punk hairstyle.

Pop Punk hairstyle: It is exclusively for women and it is necessary to be having long hair to create this look. In this, half the hair is dyed with varying light coloured dyes. Later it is prepared in such a way as Avril Lavingne has.


Punk fashion dates back to years giving out the thrust in each and every individual. With time, the fashion statement is also having a drastic change.

Standard punk: Earlier fashion was related to chains, spikes, combat boots and even leather jackets. The fashion also different with people with ripped pants, shirts etc. Hair is the major aspect as it is dyed with different bright colours such as pink, orange, red, blue, green and is combed in different styles like the Mohawk or even the liberty spikes fashion. It also deals with hair cuts or even shaven hair. During this time, belts with metal studs and even the bullet belts were popular during this time. Even the painted denim or leather jackets were very common. Even metal spikes and studs are added.

Hardcore: The variety of dress differs largely as it started during the late 1970s. It also depends largely on people as one scene is depended on another. Even the hardcore dance steps are made easily with the fashion they adopt in their dressing. Some of the preferred varieties are the baggy jeans, work pants, bandanas, military shorts, hoodies and lot more. They depend largely on the present fashion which varies from the hip-hop fashions to the athletic shoes to the gold jewellery to large belt buckles and more. Nike is the preferred athletic clothing which has largely influenced the style and comfort.

Anarcho punk: It can be marked as the politicized adaptation of the traditional punk fashion. It is all black classic clothing which gives a traditional and wonderful look. It also uses the anarchist slogans and symbols. The leather items are also refused to be worn in this kind of fashion statement.

Crust punk: It can be coined out as the exact evolution of the traditional punk fashion and also is influenced from different bands. The typical wear is the camouflaged or black trousers or shorts which are covered with patches, the bullet belts, golden jewellery and even the bum flaps. Another aspect which is of political is the band patches which would give the real result. By the help of individual crust punks, the patches are done right at home by screen printing. The most popular ones are the dreadlocks. At times, it also seems to be unwashed and unsanitary with the conservative standards. One of the popular headgears is the baseball caps with sewn patches.

Punk fashion is upgraded with different aspects and it differs in varying ways. It includes brothel creepers, bondage pants, fingerless gloves, hoodies, kutten and lot more.


It is easier to create punk hairstyle but a little research would make it better. You can choose your own punk style with varying aspects the informations collected could help you a lot in different ways. For this:

The hair is split into three different pony tails. This should be done separating from the middle of the crown and reaching the middle of the back. It has to be done carefully.

Punk Hair StyleThen, a feather wrap piece is to be wrapped around the pony tails.

Make each of the divisions secure by wrapping like you would prefer so that it is tight. Use it similar to a pony tail holder.

Next onto the second wrap, it is important that the pony tail is brought halfway and thus the ends would blend with the feather wrap piece.

For securing the hairstyle or the wrap you can get the help of bobby pins so that it remains tight.

For creating more volume, the hair has to be styled forward and sprayed. In the similar way a hair cut also could determine whether the style is punk or not.

The major aim in building up a punk hairstyle is to create something beyond the usual accepted styles. It has to be attractive, unusual and crazy making people look at it.

In relation to the punk dos is the style which is long, shaggy on the top. Even then, it is cut buzz on the lower half of the head.

Another type of punk fashion creation is the asymmetrical cuts which has hair long on one side and shorter on the other.

Yet another one is the one with shaven heads on the back with hair shooting out in the middle which gives a typical look. Even words and tactics are shaved on the sides.


Guys Punk HairstylePunk hairstyle focuses mainly on the guys and it relates to the young, vibrant and teenage guys who need to blast their youth. According to the need and wish of the individual the punk hairstyle could be created. If the person wants it to be temporary or short term he can opt for it. Otherwise he can also check out those which remain the same everlastingly. But now these hairstyles are referred to be flexible. It is created for those guys who are involved in work and wants to put down the unruly environment of work and enjoy it.




Punk Hairstyle for GuysThere are many who even feel that the punk hairstyle died over in the early eighties. But it is not true as it has become more alive. It never died and would never die but it is sure to become more intense and vibrant in the coming years. If people are thinking of the main thing that relates and grew punk hairstyle is the rebels and revolutions of the past. There were different types such as the Mohawk, spiked and much more giving a rocky outlook. It is sure that none of the backward parents are to appreciate this kind of blast. But there is a vast difference between the punk fashion of earlier times and the present ones even though the basis is the same. To tell about the examples of the present fashion which is seen usually are music, Good Charlotte, Simple Plan, Sum 41, Blink 182, The Offspring and many more.

Latest fashion in Punk Hairstyles for Men

Men Punk Hairstyle
The latest fashion in punk is the wearing of asymmetrical side-swept bangs. The older fashion of fanned, egg-and-glue, tall inspirations are outdated by the short, square and touchable styles. It is the outdated seventies fashion which is considered to be renewed in today’s trends.

There are many guys who are worried as they have curly or wavy hair. They even feel desperate as they could not try out newer punk hairstyles. But there is solution for all their problems. But this is not known to all as they feel that having such types of hair would create problems for making stylish hairstyles. There are various solutions if it is known to be solved inside as well as outside the saloon.

The three solutions are:

  • In case of the Brit-punk hairstyle which is said to have a spiky look the most useful trick is to get the help of a flat iron. It would simply look the best if this solution is opted for and no one would ever know that the hair was curly or wavy.

  • For a Mohawk style it is better to opt for a hair stylist who can make the entire process complete chemically in a relaxed manner. It would return to the same old hair in a month or two. This largely depends on the hair.

  • In case of long bangs and for short sides, it is better to chemically relax it or use it with a straightening product. But this has to be done just on the bangs. After this, it is advised to blow dry the hair for the activation process to done.

Punk Hairstyle
With the availability of latest hairstyling products like hair gels, creams, sprays and lot more it is possible to make the spike stand you prefer to be. It can be made into any direction that you want it to be. It could be toned down or could be left peak according to your own creative skill. This is mostly suitable for those guys who need to be different in the office and would love to have a tremendous change in the evening. One of the latest hair cut is the Urban Mohawk, it states that the hair on the sides is trimmed and in the center it is left the same. It is better in the work place as well as in the crowd thus reflecting its flexibility. It is because the hair could be combed back with the gel for the stylish and formal look but could be left slathered in the night outs. But for those who are not confident for the first time could prefer for the short spikes as this would boost up your confidence.

For those who wish to have the rock star effect, they could make themselves the real one with a punk Mullet hairstyle which is sure to rock. It is cut short on the top and the on the back it is left long which shows up a better punk trend. But the only drawback is that it is very choosy as it does not look the same on all as it looks perfect with those who have even head shapes. Therefore, it is always the best to choose those hairstyles that would suit you the best and not to jump into those which makes you even worse. For this it is very important to understand yourself and your features so that you can easily choose the hairstyle that would suit you and make you look freaky.


Girls Punk HairstyleThere are many of them who feel that the punk hairstyle is just for the guys. But it is not at all true as it is something for the girls also. Punk hairstyling does not depend on the sex but it depends on the style and the confidence to wear it. Such hairstyles are recommended for those who are close to the changing trends. Nowadays with the emergence of numerous styling products like gel, sprays and many more it is not at all difficult to have a new look. This is possible without altering the hair or trimming it. These products hold the spikes in the directions or dimensions you want it to be. With your own styles, imaginations and creativity, it is possible to alter the fashion as you wish at any time possible. Such changes would be preferred for those girls who are onto duty in the morning timing and would love to alter their entire look into something happening in the night.





Girls might be in the look out for tips with which they can alter themselves to accustom to the latest trends and styles. But they have to follow them to have the perfect one. Some of them are:

Punk Hairstyle for GirlsThe right products have to be used for the perfect look and must understand the reliable one from the flattening volume and super hold products.

It is a truth that the punk hairstyles would look simply the best with everyone regardless of the shape of the face.

While choosing for this style, never ever worry about the way you look where as it is something to have fun with and enjoy.

Choose whatever the best is for you and never go onto to resemble anyone as it won’t be the same for you.

Check out for more information on different punk hairstyles so that it would be easy for you to select the one which suits you.


Punk Hairstyle
Punk hairstyle is not the one for everyone was it is just for the trendier generation who change according to the latest fashion. It is the mark that you are into newer and changing fashion trends. It is for those who try for something different from the common people who use similar hairstyles. Punk hairstyle is nothing related to normal as it is more wild and weird. It is also said that the weirder the hairstyle is the more better it becomes.

Punk hairstyles are not commonly seen around as it is far away from the normal ones. It is very volumous with vibrant and attractive colours. It is with these bright colours the real weird look really gets up. There are also different types of punk hairstyles into the newer trends these days. They are the Emo hairstyles and the Indie hairstyles.




Punk HairstyleThe real resources for punk hairstyle are much less when compared to any other hairstyle. But even then the scarcity is not that much as there is enough information if you could browse through the internet. There are a lot of websites which has different photos and tips related to this crooked hairstyle. For newer and trendy hairstyles, you can easily opt for a magazine which does a big deal with the punk look. Another valuable resource is from concerts, rock music, stage shows and many others. MTV serves to be the best one for adopting the wonderful latest looks. While using products such as gels, creams etc, always make sure that it the perfect and the best one for your hair. The most important resource would be yourself as you can make your own creative and splendid outlook.



Punk Hair StyleCaring punk hairstyle is a tougher job as it has to be taken care properly to maintain the real look. It is in need of a lot of hair products such as intense colours, hair spray, hair gel and even more chemicals. With the use of these harsh chemicals the hair would be damaged and for the repair more costlier and quality products are to be used. Deep conditioning treatments are considered to be necessary for the maintenance of the healthy hair. You can also take a trial with temporary dyes and products at first so that it is possible to experiment yourself before taking up a dramatical change. The more problem arises for people with curly hair as it has to be straightened at first to create the exact punk look. For any kind of shaved look, haircuts are to be maintained as it should be frequently done. As with any other hair styles the most important basic necessities are washing, drying and the other basic steps.

For your questions on hairstyles, do post here.

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