Is It Worth Splurging on Beauty Products?

Is this your first venture into buying cosmetic products? Here is a forewarning for you, it is a very confusing world. There are numerous companies offering the same product but with varying prices. In case, you believe that expensive products guarantee quality, you are in for some rude awakening. As has been seen numerous times in the past, many moderately priced products are much better to expensive ones.

The world of fashion, cosmetics and makeup gets it oxygen from advertisement and publicity. When you buy products depending upon the packaging and the advertisement, you end up buying an expensive product that can easily be replaced with an inexpensive one.   This guide aims to give you a walkthrough for choosing the affordable beauty products without trading the quality aspect of the products:

  1. Eyeliners
  2. An eyeliner is a must have and is used for all occasions. Since you are going to buy it frequently, it does not make sense to splurge on it. An inexpensive one will work just as well as a branded and expensive liner. In fact,  you can save quite a lot of money on this. Drugstore liners mostly effective and have no harmful side effects. One eyeliner option without spending too much is the the Maybelline Master Drama Eyeliner, a pencil eyeliner. Another inexpensive but effective option by maybeline is the Eye Studio Gel Liner. If you are in the mood to splurge, go for the more expensive Urban Decay 24/7 Pencil. If cream and gel eyeliners are your choice, take a look at the Mac Fluidline.

    All these products are easily available with local drugstores, beauty product shops and also online retailers.

  3. Eyeshadows
  4. It is commonly believed that eyeshadows are expensive and the cheaper ones are ineffective and harmful. This is a myth. Physicians Formula, NYX, and Wet’n Wild are examples of eyeshadows that offer you quality in a budget. These products, however, are not easily available at drugstores and it might require some scouting on your part. An expensive eyeshadow will not guarantee a good color pallete. Try out some inexpensive shadows and you will find something that is not only good quality but also within your budget.

  5. Concealers and Foundations
  6. Your foundation and concealer is unarguably the most important aspect your makeup regime. Concealers hide the problem spots on your face and those ugly dark circles. A foundation gives you an even skin tone.

    Try Revlon’s PhotoReady that offers you a good quality foundation and concealer without splurging. If you are someone who applies makeup regularly, you should look to spend more for foundations and concealers. Try out the Laura Mercier and Makeup Forever foundations and Eve Pearl, Makeup Forever or MAC concealers for your need. All these products are easily available at the local supermarket or online retailers.

  7. Cosmetics for Your Lips
  8. Lip gloss is used all day long. As it tends to wear off after a time and you have to reapply it whatever the brand, avoid splurging on a lip gloss. You can get a cheap but effective one at your local drugstore.

    You can use a lipstick to double up as a lipgloss.

     Lipsticks offer a huge range of choice for women and you can choose an expensive or a not so expensive one depending on your budget. Lipsticks from L’Oreal and Revlon offer a huge array of colours and are not that expensive when compared to costlier brands like MAC, Lorac or Chanel.

  9. Mascara
  10. Most women make the mistake of splurging heavily on mascaras without realizing that the same effect is offered by the cheaper ones. Maybelline Volum’ Express Falsies Mascara and Cover Girl Lash Blast mascaras are two inexpensive products that give you the same result as an expensive one. These cheaper drugstore mascaras are also free from harmful side effects too.

  11. Bronzers and Blush
  12. It’s very easy to find a drugstore bronzer that is not only effective but also doesn’t burn a hole through your pocket. Go for the Physician’s Formula or the NYC’s Sunny Tmatte finish bronzer in case you are looking for cheaper options. These products are tested to be very effective and can give you the best glow in the market without a patch of shimmer.

    In case you are looking for blushes in the lower price segment, it is difficult to find one available at the drugstore. Try using the one from Milani which offers amazing effects at the best rates in the market. Costlier blushes like NARS Orgasm or Benefit’s Coralista are also available at various beauty product stores and with online retailers.

  13. Makeup Brushes
  14. Use complementary brushes that come with your cosmetics to save money.

    These are one of the costliest products and can cost you a hand and a limb. Try to take good care of them in order to avoid buying a makeup brush every alternate month. Go for the Sonia Kashuk line of makeup brushes. These don’t come cheap per say but are cheaper than the makeup brushes from brands like MAC or Sigma. Also, these makeup brushes will offer you a better bang for your buck than the costlier ones.

  15. Cleansers
  16. These skin care products are easily available in cheaper (but no less effective) brands than the expensive ones like Philosophy’s Purity face wash. A quick visit to the local supermarket or bigger departmental stores will reveal a host of options to you for choosing a cleanser product without going overboard with your beauty budget. Choose the ones from Olay, Purpose or Cetaphil. They are way cheaper than the other products in the market and that too without compromising on quality or effectiveness.

  17. Moisturizers
  18. You will be spoilt for choice when you are out in the market choosing a moisturizing product for your skin. In case you are in the mood to splurge, go for the top of the line products from Lancome, Clinque, and Philosophy. They come at a premium. In case you want to choose a moisturizing product without running into debt with your bank, go for the products from Cetaphil, Olay and Aveeno. These are as effective as the costlier moisturizing products in the market.

  19. Hair Care Products
  20. These are one of the most important cosmetic products for a woman and one that she has to get right come what may. Look for natural products from the drugstore. These are not only cheaper, but are less harmful to your hair as they don’t contain harmful chemicals. Choose a shampoo or conditioner from Pantene, Neutrogena, or Dove. These are proven to be very productive and also aren’t as costly as other hair care products.

    It is recommended that you use a clarifying shampoo occasionally in order to keep your hair and scalp in excellent condition. This product is rarely used (say once a week) allowing you to splurge on it and go for the very best in the market.

The market is filled with brands and advertisement gimmicks and it is easy to fall prey to them. The trick is to avoid these temptations and get a more affordable and equally effective product. The money that you save can be better used for purchasing a new dress or paying a visit to the spa!

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