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Essential, impacting hair care products including shades so rich & subtle hair color, fresh shampoo & silky haircare conditioner

Proper haircare shows from the top of your head, so you want to be on top of your hair. The importance of well cared for hair can be found in the careful selection of haircare products. Hair care requires patience along with gentle hair care products and a hair cut every few months. Hair color is a wonderful option for creating a new look for yourself and haircare products are becoming less harmful to your hair care.

Haircare should be considered when you are coloring your hair using hair color products that won't harm your scalp or damage your hair. Haircare coloring is not only quick and easy but the chemicals in products are much less caustic to the hair than they were years ago. Beautiful and natural looking hair color is as saught after as ever and with the the proper haircare and color, you can bring out your eyes and make your skin glow. There are several different types of hair color. Some simply lay color on top of the hair and others require a chemical reaction that takes place inside the hair shaft.

When it comes to normal haircare coloring, permanent color is the most popular choice because it lasts the longest and gives the most dramatic change of tone. Hair care products are available in permanent hair colors that will last until you cut your hair and/or your roots grow out. Demipermanent color is the technique known as "tone on tone" and is gentler than permanent color because it doesn't contain ammonia. The downside is it only lasts around six weeks before it fades. Temporary color is great if you don't want to make a full committment to change your hair color from blonde to black. Temporary colors can last for up to eight shampoos.

Damaged haircare can be repaired under most any circumstance. Whether your hair is processed, damaged, or simply dry it needs special care. Shampoos that target these problems are emollient and contain more conditioners than other haircare shampoos. Conditioner will moisturize your short or long hair and leave it looking natural and feeling healthy. A tip for shiny hair is to use a deep conditioner once every two to four weeks or balance out the damage by adding olive oil to your hair. Discount hair care products will give your hair a much needed beauty boost.

Recommended Hair Care Product

For hair loss.

Daily Care


Even though natural texture and the rate at which your hair grows cannot be changed by what you eat, you can improve the way it looks and feels by switching over to a nutritious, well balanced, protein rich diet.

Eat: Low fat fish, chicken, pulses like dals and sprouts.

Increase intake of low cholesterol, polyunsaturated oils such as margarine, sunflower oil, fruits and foods rich in Vitamin B.
Eat: Foods rich in vitamin B, raw vegetables, pulses, wholemeal bread, brown rice, liver, bananas, nuts and oily fish. A supplement of Vitamin E capsules will also help.
Avoid: Salty and fatty cheeses.

This condition stems from over secretion of the sebaceous glands.
Eat: Lots of green leafy vegetables, salads, fresh fruits, yoghurt, baked and grilled dishes.
Avoid: Fried and greasy foods, milk products and red meat.

Eat: Plenty of vegetables and fresh fruits.
Avoid: Butter, cheese and deep fried foods.

Eat: Foods rich in minerals - green vegetables, nuts, lentils, wholegrain cereals, shrimps, oily fish and milk.

Eat: Fresh fruits and vegetables, fish and vitamin A rich foods.
Avoid: Dairy products, spicy food, piping hot food and animal fat.


Does your hair look unhealthy and lack luster?
. Start using conditioners regularly.
. It is Important that you also rinse off the conditioner thoroughly after wash.
. A easy way to get the shine back in your hair is to use tea-water as a rinse or use a mug or two of water to which you've added juice of half a lemon/or a table spoon of cooking white vinegar as a final rinse.
. You will feel the difference.


It helps to use a hair conditioner regularly. And while you look for the best brand to buy, you could try this one at home. Soak half a cup of rose petals in hot water for some time. Take half a mashed banana (full if you have long tresses), one table-spoon honey, and a tablespoon of coconut/olive oil. Blend all the four ingredients tin a blender. Massage well into your hair and scalp, and leave the conditioner on for about half an hour. If you can wrap a warm towel around your head the conditioner will have a better effect. Make sure that you wash off conditioner thoroughly with shampoo.


Regular massage of fresh amla mashed to a paste will do wonders. The application of this paste will improve the colour of hair (delay the process of greying), prevent your hair from falling and moreover has a cooling effect on the entire system.

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