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Highlight your lips with color-rich lipsticks, lip liners and lip gloss from Revlon, Max Factor and other popular manufacturers

Lipsticks bring out your smile and can make your lips look totally kissable. No makeup has to power to transform like long lasting lipsticks and most women say they feel naked without it. A necessary part of a polished look and often the last thing a woman will do is apply lipstick before leaving the house. No other cosmetic is easier to apply and lip liners, lip gloss, and lipsticks help make a woman feel sexy and self-assured. If you can color in a coloring book, you can color your lips and with enough practice you won't even need to use a mirror.

Lipsticks are composed of pigment, which determines its color; wax, which gives lipstick its shape and emollients or oils which moisturize and carry the color. The five basic forumlas are sheer, shimmer, cream, matte and long-lasting. Flavored lipgloss and moisturizing glosses are also desireable for a different twist and shiny lips. Lip liners shape your lip and make it easier to apply the lipsticks.

The lips are an extremely vulnerable part of the body, and lipsticks should provide protection. A good lipstick will moisturize the lips and shield them from the sun. These days the most lubricious lipsticks contain moisturizers like Vitamin E, collagen and amino acids and some contain sunscreen for protection. Women over 50 usually look better with a cream lipsticks rather than a matte or gloss and in a pinch your lipsticks can double as a blush. Carry a stash of different lipsticks in daring shades in your purse for different occasiions, outfits, and moods.

How to apply lipstick?

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The skin on your lips is tender. That is why it gets drier faster and also dulls easily. Rubbing the cream of milk every night can give you luscious ruby red lips. The other lip treatment is to use a drop of glycerine, lemon juice and honey. Homemade butter is also an excellent lip treatment. Just massage your lips for about a minute every night with these natural ingredients for flawless, rich lips. Also note that there is not very much you can do about the natural colour of your lips, but these treatments will help you get the best of your natural colour.


To create a trendy or different look to your regular make up, shimmer up your lips with gloss.
• While, lip-gloss is best recommended in summers, it can perk up your look at any time of the year.
• Remember that even the shade of gloss colour can make a difference. So make sure you pick the right one out.
• Also, be careful not to over apply. And for the evening out, add a dash of shimmer to the gloss.


To make your lips look fuller and sexier, especially if you have thin lips, use light-coloured or neutral-shade lipsticks. Pale shades make lips look fuller. Finish with a shimmer-gloss for Party-wear. To enhance a pout, dab a silver/shiny lip-gloss onto the centre of your lower lip.


Here are a few tips to get luscious looking lips in minutes:
• Always outline lips with lip liners. Opt for a shade that is darker than the lipstick. Unlike pencils, these are felt-tipped and the colours are easier to apply.
• Lip liners should be followed with a stroke of lip pencil. Some pencils are available in dual shades, which means you get two colours on one pencil.
• Applying lipstick with a lip brush brings out the colour of the lipstick. Clean these in warm, sudsy water.
• Matt shades are not shiny and make lips look less full.
• Pearly shades on the other hand accentuate emphasis on lips, making them look fuller. Pearly shades go well on shimmering fabrics.
• Though transfer resistant lipsticks may seem like an expensive buy initially, they last longer and are a smart buy.
• Always touch up lip make-up with lip gloss that adds shimmer to lips and creates a glamorous look.


Want lips that pout? Apply lipstick except in the centre of the mouth. Apply a lighter shade in the centre of the mouth and touch it up with lip gloss.
• To tone down protruding lips, use lighter coloured lipstick, this will ease down the protruding effect.
• For thinner lips apply foundation on the lips and outline lips with lip pencil (within the natural lip line). Fill in lipstick with a lip brush.
• To make thin lips look fuller, apply foundation on mouth area. Use a lip pencil to outline the lips just beyond the natural lip line and fill in with desired colour.

Removing Lipstick from Lips

Always use cold cream to remove lipstick as this will help to soften and condition lips. After removing lipstick always dab on a bit of moisturizer.

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