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Clean healthy skin, free of dirt & oil with makeup removers, solvent and rinse off by Clinique, Estee Lauder, Lancome, Bobby Brown and more...

Makeup removers are important for clean skin. In Europe, women thought for ages that water was bad for the skin as a makeup remover. In France some women still think that using tissue and make up removers will prevent your skin from drying. Most women with normal skin should use a cleanser at night to remove makeup, cellular debris and the grime of the day. Although a rinse-off cleanser will cut through most face makeup, eye makeup can be a lot harder to remove and requires a product with a lot of oil. Makeup removers or cosmetic make up remover is a must to have around. Stubborn eye makeup requires a gentle solvent that is removes mascara and rinses off easily.

In order to use your makeup removers properly, the best way to remove makeup is to shake a few drops of make up remover on a cotton ball and dap away. If you need an oil-free product there are inexpensive cosmetic remover products available that work really well in removing dirt and oil. When removing your makeup always use a very gentle touch, use a delicate, gliding movement when caring for your skin to avoid wear and tear. By removing your makeup regularly your skin will look healthy and will protect its natural tone.

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