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Mineral Make-up is the most popular among people returning to natural elements in their daily lifestyles or simply because Mineral Cosmetics is an excellent alternative for body and skin care. Marketed under different names, but sharing a common ingredient, minerals, these cosmetics are found everywhere around the world.

Mineral Cosmetics, as their name says, are made with minerals and inorganic pigments that exist in nature, in many combinations, including those of colored minerals, such as zinc, iron oxides, mica, titanium dioxide, and ultramarine pigments, used as makeup from foundation to eye-shadow to shimmer powder for the body.

Being a modern boom, Mineral Cosmetics come from remote ancient times. Perhaps the Egyptians were the most devoted to them believing that beauty and fashion were very important. Egyptians used mineral pigments to produce the make-up that we can see in their papyruses and tombs.

Some Egyptians dynasties used powdered green malachite brushed under the eyes, and all of them throughout the history of Egypt had rouge to color the face and lips, made from red ochre. The scientific analysis of some Egyptian cosmetic powders date back to as early as 2,000 BC.

Minerals such as galena and malachite was ground on stone palettes to make eye painting, applied with their fingers or a kohl pencil made of stone, ivory or wood. Such palettes have been found in graves, perhaps to ensure that the deceased had the means to grind eye makeup after life according to their beliefs.

The emphasizing of the eyes was not only cosmetical, but also to protect them from the bright sunlight of the desert. Egyptians used cosmetics regardless of sex and social status for both aesthetic and therapeutic reasons. Oils and fats were applied to the skin to protect it, besides being mixed into perfumes and incenses.

Mineral Cosmetics used today in countries such as Egypt, Morocco, Algeria and other countries of the Middle East are modern natural variations of those belonging to the ancient empires of Egypt and Rome. Herbal Face Packs have also been used since before recorded times, particularly by Indian dancers in combinations with mineral cosmetics that are now impossible to find.

Some other mineral cosmetics come from oral traditions from generation to generation, including concoctions with crushed pigments that now are mixed with neutral cold cream to be applied as natural lipstick, protecting the lips against dryness at the same time.

Modern Arabic world has never stopped using the mineral crushed blends to line the eyes not only for beauty but superstitions coming from Egyptian times, in the belief that "kohl" eyeliner will ward off evil spirits. Originally, Kohl made of galena or lead sulfide was mined in Upper Egypt, or at the Red Sea Coast.

Today, most women use Mineral Cosmetics to avoid wrinkled skin caused by the heavy and constant application of modern makeup with synthetic formulation, or restore skin damaged by abuse due to harsh makeup products, and for those who want a natural look and feel, that stays on all day long.

A wide range of products are available in the market today, including lipstick, eyebrow pencil, concealer, mascaras and even gels that can be used as moisturizers and foundations, as well as other Mineral Cosmetics enhanced with Vitamins A and E incorporated into the mineral formulation, that liquefy once applied to the skin, producing a satiny finish.

Mineral Cosmetics are inorganic and do not contain moisture, preventing bacteria from growing with no need of preservatives, oils or waxes, which could affect the skin, and they are practically well tolerated by everyone in all climates, available both as natural beauty care by health providers, or as part of traditional cosmetic lines, introduced to make their products more affordable and accessible.

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