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Different types of shaving razors, electric razors and tips to use them properly


Going in for a shave? Decide on the type of razor you will use for the type of shave you want. While a blade razor cuts hair closer to the skin surface leaving behind a smoother stubble, an electric razor on the other hand gives a more ragged, split shave.


Single and twin blade with injectable cartridge
This can be used for lighter or closer shaves.

Disposable razors

As the name suggests, these have to be disposed of after use. Convenient and economic, these are ideal tour companions.

Double edge razors

These are mainly used by barbers and those trained to handle them. These blades are a strict no-no for first time users as a slight slip could lead to serious injury.

Loose double edge razors

These are a popular option for home shaving. Most blade razors last for over 10 shaves or longer. Life of a blade depends solely on the thickness of the beard.


An electric razor constitutes of two parts - the foil head and the rotary head. Foil head is the thin, flexible screen that moves back and forth.
The rotary head has spring mounted guards over the cutters. The adjustable settings on this razor allows one to choose type of shave.


Most men suffer from it, but seldom discuss it. Razor burn is a serious issue with almost all which is generally relegated to the back burner with excuses like `oh its too minor’ or `everyone suffers from it’. Well, even if razor burn does seem to be a minor issue, it actually is not, you are actually tugging at sensitive skin.

Curing razor burn is simple and easy, simply soften face with a light layer of moisturizer before applying shaving foam. Allow the cream to penetrate into the skin and then shave off. Your skin will feel softer and supple and no more rashes too!


To start with, ensure that the toiletries used for shaving are up to the mark; avoid using blunt blades as these give a poor shave. It is ideal to shave after one showers as the skin is moist and supple. Here are a few hints to get a close, clean shave:
• Wash face with a facial wash as this will soften the beard and dislodge grime from the skin.
• Apply shaving foam/bar/cream and work up a rich lather (use a shaving oil in case you suffer from dry skin) massage well into the area.
• Shave in short strokes in the same direction as hair grows this avoids hair in-growth.
• Rinse the residue and apply a toner.
• As regards after-shave, opt for one with sandalwood as the herb has a cooling effect and exudes a natural fragrance that is soothing. Furthermore sandalwood has antiseptic properties that can heal nicks and cuts.

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