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Prevent the need for treatment of sun burns with, sunscreen, sun tan lotions, products and sun care tips, absolutely vital for your skin's health

Tanning lotions can enhance your tan and make your skin look golden brown. Tanning lotions usually contain sunscreens and most tanning lotions act as a moisturizer while providing UVB, & UVA protection. It is necessary to wear sunscreen products, even in the dead of winter you should never leave the house without some kind of sun protection. In fact applying sunscreen is so important when using sun tan lotions, that it should be a step in your beauty routine.

Tanning lotions with a high UV protection is extremely important. Ultraviolet light, even at low-level exposures erodes the skin's support structure. It breaks down collagen, causes wrinkles and sagging. Ninety percent of your wrinkles are caused by the sun's ultraviolet light. If you are concerned about your appearance then using sun care products will reduce the signs of premature aging.

A good sunscreen in a tanning lotion to prevent sun burn should have a minimum SPF (sun protection factor) rating of 15 to prevent nasty sun burns. If possible apply sunscreen at least 20 minutes before going outside to give the active ingredients a chance to be absorbed.

Sun damage is cumulative and irreversible, protect your skin from the sun. Safe tanning products and supplies are available for purchase online of sun burn prevention and remedys for sun burn treatment relief. If you start using sun care products now you can prevent further damage to your skin.

Recommended Sun Care Products

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